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Silkk The Shocker ‎– Made Man [2LP] Import

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Артикул: 06344

Code: 0602557750133
Artist: Silkk The Shocker
Format: LP
Release Year: 06.10.2017
Record Label: Priority Records
Country: Europe
Genre: Hip Hop
Number Of Discs: 2


A1     The Day I Was Made     4:24
A2     Somebody Like Me     4:12
A3     It Ain't My Fault 2     3:26
A4     Ghetto Rain     4:36
A5     This Is 4 My     2:51
B1     Commercial One     0:39
B2     You Know What We Bout     4:33
B3     I Want To Be With You     4:53
B4     All Because Of You     4:27
B5     No Limit     2:21
C1     End Of The Road     4:21
C2     We Won't Stop     4:01
C3     Mr. '99     3:02
C4     It Takes More     4:00
C5     If It Don't Make $     3:10
D1     It's Going Around Outside     4:37
D2     Put It On Something     4:49
D3     Commercial Two     1:51
D4     Southside Niggas     3:12
D5     Get It Up     3:38

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